Why do customers purchase your technology?
Our technology provides automated real-time protection for web servers against spam, 'live' malware and bots by attacking their root cause and methods, versus traditional Web Application Firewalls (WAF's) that scan for Internet Protocol Addresses (IP's) and then rely on manually writing a 'script' to stop the threats and attacks.

Why should we buy from Webiron?
Webiron’s innovative technology was designed to understand the immediate and everyday challenges of server security. With the easy deployment and maintenance of our technology, we focus on helping you sleep at night by giving you the tools written specifically to handle emerging security threats within your environment.  We are flexible, easy to use and safe.

How is Webiron different than the current industry standard?
The current industry model will scan for malware and provide 'one-off' manual fixes for what has already been detected. Webiron provides automated protection that will detect impending threats and will automatically render them ineffective.

What type of data and forensic information does your technology provide?
Most software gives you little insight about an attack. We give you all the data you need to research what an attack attempted to do (who, what & when), the impact of the breach, identify malware for easy cleanup and to follow trends. Our full dashboard allows you to see attacks against your environment as they happen. We also give you the flexibility to view full enterprise (or single server) levels allowing you to easily navigate and view your attack data.

What is Webiron's technology?
Our product resides on top of web applications autonomously (A true WAF) and can take action before executing malicious applications. Beware of any software describing itself as a firewall that runs along side of your application. At this stage little can be done to stop harm to your server

Can Webiron's technology work within my current security environment?
Yes! Our technology runs high in the web stack, on top of web applications. Our protection is suitable for any environment whether the site is a custom API gateway, a company’s front of site, or any number of applications. We do most of the work for you and give you the flexibility to be completely hands off (technology just works) or to fully customize the technology for your environment.

Do you exchange information?
Webiron strives to openly work with other companies and volunteer groups in the security community to keep the bi-directional flow of information going. As a Webiron customer, you are part of the Webiron community. The data collected on attacks against your enterprise helps strengthen the rest of our community. If you are a researcher and would like to work with us please feel free to email us: research@Webiron.com

How do I become a Channel Partner?
We are actively developing 'like-minded' Channel Partners and MSP's. We are looking forward to working together. Please email us: sales@Webiron.com

How can I contact Webiron?
Please send us an email: info@Webiron.com

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