Server Network Protection

Server Network Features

  • Works Behind Hardware Network Firewalls - A must for hosting environments
  • Service Templates to Simplify Network Management
  • Network Security Groups
  • Automatically Blocks Access To Bot Networks
  • Automatically Blocks Access To Known Malware Sites
  • Block Network Access By Country
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Key capabilities

Easy to Deploy - We do it for you!

Schedule your install today. We'll even install your trial. If you wish to install yourself just simply execute a script on your server and our technology takes care of the rest. For custom environments a configuration file will need to be integrated in your web server. Simple enough.

Prevent System Breaches

According to the FBI most full server intrusions are caused due to a lack of strong passwords to shell accounts and poor system firewall management.  This often results in Brute Force attacks (trying login and password combinations till a match is found) attempting to gain login credentials and access to the system.

Example Brute Force attack:
Last failed login: Sun Jan 4 00:51:34 MST 2015 from
There was 2466931 failed login attempts since the last successful login.
Last login:Sun Jan 4 00:51:25 2015 from
[user@web ~]$

The above shows nearly 2.5 million brute force attacks in just over an hour. In many hosting environments this is within the norm for unprotected hosts.

Once an attacker gains access to your server they can steal copies of your databases, website source files (used to find access back into the website if account is locked or can be sold to other attackers), disrupt your services, deface your site causing company embarrassment, or simply hold you at ransom.

Our Network Protection Firewall management makes securing your systems easy and low risk. Our user-friendly software comes with template server types making our technology easy to use and deploy even for our most novice of customers.  Making a mistake will no longer lock you out from reverting like locally configured systems. You now have a simple and easy way to stay powerfully protected.

Stop Malware Abuse

Webiron has vast monitoring stations throughout the Internet to pick up and automatically strip apart the malware that hurts your systems. Having faith in a clean system is impossible after an intruder gains access to your system. Attackers will often install backdoors and collection tools (i.e. password and key loggers) that will leave your systems severely vulnerable. These breaches often lead to extremely expensive OS sweeps searching for damage the attacker has planted in your system.

Automatically Blocks Active Attacker Havens

Many attacks originate from the same networks around the world, providing a safe haven for abusive customers. Attackers persistently ignore requests to stop criminal behavior on their networks and help shield attackers. We collect information on these hosts and block their access to your sites so you don’t get caught in their attack sweeps.

Webiron’s Firewall Network automatically blocks access to:
  • Bot control networks
  • Malware download hosts
  • Heavy abusers before ever reaching your services

Block Entire Countries or Regions

Ironically, most attacks originate in places most companies do not “do business” in. Webiron gives you the flexibility to allow access to only the countries where you conduct business in.  This greatly lowers the chance an attacker will be able to do harm to your services.

Make your server safe in 5 minutes

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