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Today the world of hosting has changed. It's not a matter of if your website will be attacked but a certainty. Did you know the average new WordPress site has about two weeks before it starts to become a target of bad bots?

Your security teams are spending more time diagnosing issues causing your costs to increase. Your operations teams are struggling to keep servers up and working at their peak and your customers happy.

By reselling WebIron products to your customer you add the following to your bottom line:

  • An amazing new reoccurring revenue stream
  • 20% off on all products
  • Reduce support tickets by an average of 2.5 tickets per month per VPS subscription
  • Fully automated protection and money maker
  • Improved security and happier customers
  • Eliminate forced customer churn for security issues
  • You set your own retail price
  • Easy free to paid product subscription upgrades
  • Easily integrates into any subscription system
  • Your customers stay your customers for life
  • No scanning to to drag down server performance
  • Earn an extra 50% on your Shared Hosting servers with our pro forma reseller program

We have proven that securing your environment should produce your hosting company more income rather than just produce cost with the right platform.

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We understand that quality service and customer satisfaction are the keys to your livelihood. That means treating you like the valuable client that you are, acting as your personal consultant, assisting you with challenges and ensuring that your security solutions keep pace with your changing needs.


  • Subsecond subscription provisioning
  • Adds a new unique revenue stream
  • Earn an extra 20-90% on your Linux VPS and dedicated subscriptions
  • Instantly provision free network management and protection to all your Linux customers
  • Full API access w/ postbacks for automatic upgrade revenue
  • Charge your own rates without price locking
  • Reduces hosting and support costs
  • Safely tested on over 450,000 Applications and trillions of requests
  • Easy to install and self managed
  • Free install service for new web protection customers
  • We handle all product support
  • Increase customer security
  • Low unit costs
  • Perfect companion product to your existing SOC profile
  • Built to scale to any size enterprise
  • Limited backend branding for easy white labeling
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