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Server Network and Web Protection

Starting @ $12.50/Month

For RHEL and CentOS 6+ Servers

Dedicated Filters

All Web and E-Mail Services

  • No software to install
  • Available in 7 gobal locations
  • Create your own private CDN within minutes
  • Adaptive load balancing to mutiple servers
  • Blazing fast 2GB/second SSD cache
Direct RBL Access

Full Raw RBL Data

  • Formats: CSV or JSON
  • Block access at your routers and firewalls
  • Create your own versions of the list
  • Includes reasons for listing


Webiron’s intelligent technology immediately detects, blocks and prevents automated bot and malware attacks as they happen.


Often web server owners have an incomplete or inaccurate assessment of the demanding security needs to keep web servers protected from automated bot and malware attacks. Up until now, current security solutions have been out of date (old technology), slow to respond, require expensive hardware or costly service contracts that have only resulted in partial solutions. In the meantime, threats from automated attacks continue to persist and web servers have remained easy targets for attackers.

Instant Protection Fueled by Innovation

We specialize in providing web servers immediate protection from highly distributed bot and malware attacks as they happen, giving you instant visibility and control over your web server security.

Peace of Mind

Automated attacks happen by the nanosecond. If your waiting hours, days, weeks or months to discover threats, your web servers are already compromised. Rest easy knowing that brute force attempts, malware, spam and harmful bots are a thing of the past.


We are dedicated and experienced security professionals here to serve your security needs.

Features CDN Services (Cloudflare/Amazon) Network Hardware Open Source WebIron Net WebIron Web WebIron Dedicated Filter
Complete Web Service Protection
Full Control Over Security
Centralized Management on All Services
Centralized Stats
Real-Time Automated Source Abuse Reporting
Abuse Reporting Privacy Guard
Fast Updates - Updates within minutes
Bulk Configuration Sync and Backup
Server Firewall Management
Service Templates to Simplify Network Management
Network Security Groups
Automatically Blocks Access To Bot Networks
Automatically Blocks Access To Known Malware Sites
Single Command Install
Block Network Access By Country
Works with CPanel and Plesk
Unlimited Email Support
Login Sharing Detection (per server or site tracking)
Real-Time Web Service Protection (Apache)
Real-Time Web Bot Detection
Client Fingerprinting and Bot DDoS Protection
Login Protection
Web Spam Protection
XMLRPC Service Protection
String Encoding Detection - Pattern Matches Even Scrambled Data
Advanced Pattern Matching
Scrambled and Injected Malware Protection
Real-time Web Malware Protection - Prevents Execution
Web File Upload Malware Protection
Works in VPS Environments
Adaptive Load Balancing
Choice Of Location
Stackable Service with AutoDNS
Create Your Own Private CDN
E-Mail Filtration
On The Fly URL Rewrite
Sites Allowed 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Upgrade "We do it all for you" Service Available
Hidden Costs Per Site Model Support Contracts Employee Costs None None None
True Monthly Cost Starting at $200 $4,000 and above Unknown Free Starting at $12.50 Starting at $60
Chart Legend   Not or Only Partially Supported Fully Supported
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