Bots and malware have become industrialized allowing attackers to have large-scale access to automated tools that are freely available online. These automated attacks offer massive distribution with immediate results. This gives cyber criminals speed and immense volumes of attacks to exploit vulnerabilities faster than the current security environments can protect. As a result, web servers are under attack by automated bots and malware at alarming rates.

How do these vulnerabilities exist? Web servers host millions of websites that have out of date CMS, plug-ins, themes and code weakness. As a result these vulnerabilities create easy pathways for attackers to cause harm to the web server.

Before Webiron, these security holes were limitless (Just think about the millions of websites created by millions of amateurs alone) and there was absolutely no end to web servers being unprotected.

Webiron provides a comprehensive managed security service that will keep your web servers safe from harm. Our intelligent technology is designed to immediately detect, block and prevent automated bot and malware attacks.

Reports matter. We bring the world of automation control at your fingertips!



Currently security measures require a bot to be known before the bot can be blocked and then IP’s must be manually matched to the identified Bot. In addition, bots are often apart of a network and these networks can be associated with thousands of IP’s. Manually blocking small amounts of IP’s continues to be limited for web server protection, given the volume of attacks happening each second. In the best case scenario before the threat is secure, (often taking hours, days or months) tens of thousands of web servers are already compromised.

Our proactive methodologies (tied to real-time heuristics) help us automatically detect threats within seconds and make the entire robot network ineffective. Once a robot network is detected, the network is automatically stopped throughout the entire Webiron community within minutes.


Handling malware security often requires intensive (expensive) hardware & human resources. These current security measures require knowing the malware exist, then the malware must be found, then a signature must be written to identify the content of the malware and then distributed to thwart the malware. This slow manual process can take hours, days and often months to resolve, leaving the malware to spread and infest. In the best case scenario before the threat is secure, (often taking hours, days or months) tens of thousands of web servers are already compromised.

Webiron’s real-time protection renders website malware useless so you don’t have to scan as often to be protected. Webiron scans web applications in real-time before they are executed. These actions remove the threat of active malware within immediately. Once a new piece of malware is detected, the malware becomes immune to execution and shared (spread) throughout the Webiron community.

Full Reporting Service

Webiron’s reporting engine gathers intelligence & reveals all the forensics about the attack, giving you visibility into who, what, where & how the attacks happened. Bots are then identified by known behavior & methodologies, i.e. Brute force attacks, spam, shellshock etc. for easy management. All stats and reports are located from a central point that can be accessed anywhere by any web enabled device.

Webiron will also generate real-time and automated abuse reports that will be sent to the offenders Internet Service Provider (ISP). Reports are then handled by the attackers ISP to stop attacks at their source by holding hosts accountable, thereby preventing the occurrence of future attacks.

Welcome to the community

Our customers become part of the Webiron community. The data collected on attacks against your enterprise help strengthen the rest of our community and vice versa. Once a new or bot piece of malware is detected, they become immune and automatically eradicated throughout the entire Webiron community within minutes. In stark contrast the current security industry standard of weeks allowing time to attackers to retool for the next round.

Low Overhead

Webiron improves your web server performance by freeing up resources and stopping resource crashes due to attacks. Since attacks are stopped before the application is launched there is no application cpu or ram costs. In some environments (before Webiron) problems persist and attackers just simply run servers out of ram by crawling high density hosting servers for hours leaving a wake of processes running the system out of ram. These persistent issues will be eradicated and resources will be freed for their intended purpose; normal traffic.

Centralized Configurations

We handle the communication and updates so you don’t have to. Configure your enterprise as a whole or by server anywhere in the world from any web enabled device.

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